Saturday, July 11, 2015

Could have handled that...

I didn't sleep well.  I kept getting up to urinate (normal, and my last kidney check a couple months ago came back fine). 

I awoke, exhausted and depressed.  I figured, screw it, no shower.  I just applied some deodorant and brushed my hair.  That's all they get. 

I even wore my baggy knit shorts, along with an oversized t-shirt and work boots. 

And the proper undergarments, of course.  :p 

Our ride was almost an hour late, and a very odd man.  He was from France.  He kept talking to Ron in French (Ron can speak a little Creole).  We got to work safely, though.  When we disembarked, he came over and hugged us. 

Ron was a little bugeyed over that but accepted the gesture. 

We got into work, only to find 4 managers in a panicked stampede over by the front door, screaming about 911.  I didn't hear a fire alarm, so I figured someone got sick/hurt. 

I was correct.  I was later told the air conditioning did not come on again after we lost power.  The "expansion" was a sweltering hellhole and someone had passed out.  I bet! 

I actually feel sorry for management, when the unions get ahold of this.  They will rain misery. 

We got into our area, and I went down the line.  Most of our vending machines are in a line: 2 sodas, a snack, a bill changer, cold food vendor, another changer, 2 snacks, and a third bill changer. 

I went down the line, initiating start up on the ones that weren't working, yelling "This one is up"  "Snack 1 is up!".  I also did test vends on the machines that had had problems. 

Snack 1, for instance, had been doing free vends on everything until I pulled the plug.  Working now.  Soda 2 was selling canned sodas for a dollar, the price being 75 cents!  I tested them, made sure they worked, everyone is happy. 

Except poor dead Snack 2, but it was positively geriatric.  I just pray we can get a new one, new to us at least, from Austin, in pretty short order. 

Ron decided to stock the bottled soda vendor before we left.  That's when we found the dead, warm, refigerator unit.  I was Not Happy and let the maintenance guys know. 

I wasn't awful, but I plan to apologize.  I could have handled that a lot better. 

I stomped out at our pickup time, dragging Ron "with". 

One of the maintenance guys followed us, about 10 minutes later, as we roasted on the hot plate that is the "pickup area".  He asked me to help them fix the unit.  I jogged back to the building and walked quickly over to it, barely out of breath. 

Not bad for a middle aged fat lady. 

I verified it was working, gave a happy screech, hugged the unit, gave them a thumbs up, and may have given them a little treat.  However, if I did I can't say that or we might all get in trouble. 

I went back out, told Ron it was OK (if nothing else I'm glad we came in for that).  Another odd driver, not a bad guy.  I think he was from one of the Eurostan countries.  He had an interesting accent.  We had a good talk. 

Finally, home. 

I figured, screw it, ate, and took my meds,  Then I went to bed and napped for a couple hours. 

I woke up with a mild headache but I hope the aspirin will do the trick. 

Oh, what a day. 

Oh, and Monday - Monday's going to be real fun.  I need more inventory.  But I have the dentist on Tuesday.  So, we have to go in at 3-4 AM on Monday, get two deliveries, put them up, stock what I do have, inventory, go to the warehouse, buy everything, put it in the truck, take it to work, unload, stock, and stuff into the stockroom. 


You can bet I will be consuming a protein shake Monday morning! 

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