Monday, July 27, 2015

Sleep with a cat

It didn't seem like a hard day. 

I worked a short shift, only ran one errand, had straight trips for the most part (a nice bonus on a shared-ride service) and even got 2 naps, one of which involved two cats in the bed. 

It felt like an ultramarathon.  I woke up horribly depressed, barely got through my shower, so happy when I realized I didn't have to shave my legs. 

Everything was impossible and exhausting. 

We got to work and realized the new plant manager was about to have a meet and greet for the employees. 

We go through a lot of plant managers, one every year or so.  Of course God knows anyone can read this so that's all I'll say.

Other than, with "our" productivity numbers, I wasn't at all surprised the last guy got booted.  64 out of 67, consistently, for months, is not a good thing.

They put the numbers up in our area.

I was very happy to realize we'd be escaping before the show.  Imagine this: they had a huge cake on a table, right in Ron's travel path.

Imagine Ron coming along with a lapfull of sodas for a vending machine, knocking the cake on the ground, ready to meet the new plant manager?

Sorry about your cake!


We managed to evade all that.

I will stock tomorrow.  They were giving out cake and snacks, Ron did sodas, I did food, so things are fine until tomorrow.

We came home, I took first nap.  No cats.  We ran an errand and got cat food.

I took my medication, and my second nap.

Torbie and Biscuit joined me.  At the end, Gravy did too.  The air conditioner vent had something to do with it, but it was nice to think they wanted to hang out with me, too.

I love to sleep with a cat.  

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Anonymous said...

hope you are feeling better Heather and the low has lifted

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