Sunday, July 26, 2015

It's none of your damned business

I get so tired. 

"OH, Heather, that happens to everyone." 





I forgot things I needed, at Walmart, because I neglected to put them on my list.  Understandable.  I gave $20 change to a customer who gave me $10.  Huh? 

I left a bag of groceries on the porch.  I forgot.  Until I went looking for my Mountain Dew.  Happily I had my cold items in the house already. 

Oh, and the milk, I found that on the counter, in front of Ron's microwave, a good half hour after I "put away all the cold stuff". 

When I paid at Walmart today, the cashier counted my money, and got angry.  "You did it again!  Gave me too much!" 

I explained I take some very toxic and harsh medication.  "Yeah, right... you're going to get me in trouble!" 

Yeah, that is my complete intent. 

I get very tired of explaining.  I get even more weary when they don't believe me.  I don't like walking around this medicated.  I don't like that it makes me "stupid".  I really don't like it when you won't accept that reality. 

It's none of your damned business, anyway, but I think people deserve an explanation.  I just wish they would accept it. 

People like them are a huge reason people like me go off our meds!  And NO ONE wants that. 

Ron doesn't understand why I so often wish I had an overt problem like he does.  People can't wait to help him. They smother him in empathy and understanding. 

And I get the attitude. 

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