Friday, July 24, 2015

Crime Scene

This cycle has been very interesting. 

I got 2 menstrual cups, and I've been alternating them.  I clean them in the sink, with "female wash", unscented, sensitive formula.  I also clean them with unscented baby wipes.  Every day or so, I dunk them in boiling water.  We'll call that, "the whole routine". 

They have done the job, collecting a lot over the course of my cycle.  I probably bled 1/3 to one half cup (about 100 to 150 ml).  According to the internet, that's high normal but not uncommon for me. 

My medication makes me groggy and fumble-fingered.  That's not always a good combination with a brimming menstrual cup. 

Praise God I did not drop it in the toilet. 

In public. 

I have figured, the best method for me is bearing down and pinching the cup as it gets into range (I'm not shoving it to kingdom come, just enough to do the job).  I pinch the cup and yank it out. 

At present, removal generally results in the loss of half the contents, making the toilet bowl look like a crime scene.  It's spectacular and more than a little alarming. 

I never realized, just how much I bleed. 

I try to manage this at home, and have for the most part, just because I worried about losing the cup or spilling it on the floor.  If someone saw that at work they'd call me an ambulance. 

Sure enough, last night, I dropped it in the toilet.  I fumbled the cup as I removed it and dropped it into the toilet.  I had only urinated prior to removal. 

I watched my happy purple cup floating in the bloody toilet bowl, cursed under my breath, and briefly considered flushing. 

After all, the toilet is rated to flush a gallon of golf balls. 

I envisioned the probable drain line clog, and the expression on the plumber's face as he fished out my cup.  I gritted my teeth, reached in, and retrieved it. 

I then went through the whole cleaning routine.  I washed it in very hot water.  I got after it with two kinds of wipes.  I washed it in the delicate female wash. 

Then I boiled water in the microwave and flung the cup into the boiling water after I extracted it.  I let it cool, and then washed it again. 

Considering, that ought to do the job. 

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Anonymous said...

I can NOT seem to finish my visit with "many paws" but so glad you reviewed the cup! Will you give a final thumbs up or you i need simple and neat ..the pads and tampons together are useless on bad days..i have a cup ready to buy! They shpuld give them to you free for being the commericisl for feminine tidy! Argh i will be so glad when my uterus stops chugging! But the hormones her our skin and hair so we should be grateful hugs friend ! You are a warrior!

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