Saturday, July 25, 2015

Big Show

Cup reviews.

Purple, cheap, cup

Works fine.  A little thin compared to the other but no leakage.

Two for one special  Both of them are good.

I put one in storage, and use the other.  I alternate between the two brands.  They both work fine.  No leakage.

I have a learning curve on insertion and removal.  I strongly suggest researching cup folds.

Link with photos

How has it been?  Well, overall, fine.

I haven't had a drop of leakage.  Both units are comfortable and fairly easy to install once I got it.

Removal remains a little tricky.  The cups like to climb.  So I have to squat on the toilet, bearing down, waiting for the thing to come in range and then pinch and grab.  It's only a little more awkward than removing a tampon, especially considering the times I've had a string break.  I still prefer to remove at home, when I am not rushed.

The cloth pads have provided mental security, but I haven't actually bled on them.  I'm still glad I have them, though.  I think they will be very useful as I've been spotting for a few days before the Big Show.  

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Anonymous said...

Thanks i am going to have to give them a try I am going through pads like crazy now ..good grief I am too old for this ..when I started back in the day they had a "cup" called a "Tassaway cup" but to a kid who was struggling with a tampon it was hard to conceive that you could put a cup "IN WHERE?" but now I do not care and need to try it thanks for taking the time and good luck to you ! Yoga, lots of long walks and music helps me with all the other crap of the menopausal journey

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