Monday, July 6, 2015



I slept a little later this morning; I had a hard time falling asleep last night.  I suspect my "decaf" tea, is not. 

I took a shower but my hair looked OK so I didn't wash it. 

After I got out of the shower, I realized I'd forgotten to shave my legs.  I felt pretty stupid. 

I donned my khakis.  They were surprisingly comfortable.  I will wear them more often as it gets cooler. 

We went to work.  Snacks were very popular, so I spent quite a while on them.  I also helped Ron, of course. 

We got our sandwiches on time and stocked them - our machines had been wiped out.  I'm glad they like our selection, but the response is a little alarming at times. 

I'm glad the two plants merged before the holidays.  I expect to work a lot of very long days as we get there. 

We may need to get wholesale deliveries on pallets. 

As it was, everything looked good, except for my "big" chips. 

While getting my delivery, I met a manager.  He said he was "very upset at us and wouldn't be using the machines any more". 

I asked him why. 

"Because y'all are too expensive". 

I barked out a "Ha!" and reminded him we cost half the gas station prices, on any given item. 

"You're also keeping him out of a nursing home." I added, then paused "Assuming I could find one to take him!"  He started laughing and went off. 

We finished a little early, but Ron got delayed in the bathroom.  We ended up bolting at the last minute. 

We had a good ride home. 

Ron had thoughtfully arranged for me to get a good nap at home, before we went to the mall.  He wanted to buy a Bluetooth and get some chicken from his favorite food court restaurant. 

I got something from the "Italian" place.  It didn't sit very well, though.  I did get the meds down, which at the end is all that really matters. 

Ron likes his Bluetooth.  Since it does have cords on it I reminded him to hide it from our Bad Cats.  They will gnaw that off in a second. 

If you know, and they do it, it's your fault. 

[sigh]  [yawn]

Our ride home was late.  The driver got to talking on the phone (he'd better not get caught!) and delayed getting Ron his walker.  Ron, in the meantime, really needed to use the toilet.  He ended up banging on the door and screaming. 

And the driver got irritated. 

[snort]  You've have been a lot more upset if he had "released" in your cab! 

We came home, pretty quiet online. 

Tired.  Nauseous.  Not drinking the diet decaf tea. 

I do have tomorrow off.  I plan to get my blood test for allergies and find out just what, exactly, I'm allergic to - other than peanuts and almonds.  I know I react to them! 

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