Saturday, July 18, 2015


It was a strange night. 

I had to get up at 4.  I went to bed late, around 9. 

The headache, and my bladder, woke me up around 11.  I took some aspirin and dealt with my business.  As I came out of the bathroom I heard Techno Boy. 

Someone was playing loud Techno music in the neighborhood.  A little note on my composition: about a third each black and latino.  The other third is split between asians and whites. 

In over 11 years, I have never heard techno music.  It didn't abate. 

I looked outside.  #6 had a visitor, a small red car.  Interesting, someone over after all the kids in bed. 

#2 had his garage wide open.  He de-hoarded it a little, but it still looks awful.  But - he's quiet. 

It wasn't either of them. 

I got dressed and went outside, debating if I should go seek the noisemaker.  If I found the source, I could call the police, but they would know I "told".  Plus, the person could be a psycho rapist mutilator. 

As I cogitated, I the music got louder, coming down the main street.  Techno Boy turned on my street and passed my house.  He was driving a small blue car, a white guy, pretty clean cut.  Definitely not a neighbor. 

He drove off and the music stopped. 

I went back in the house, wondering if #6's guest would leave, or stay the night.  They always slam the door and it generally wakes me. 

Sure enough, I heard the door slam, then diaper duty into the trash can.  As near as I can figure, they have been on diaper duty for over 12 years now. 

I don't envy them one bit. 

Speaking of child bearing, my cycle has been really strange this month.  I have a lot of tenderness and, basically, very minor spotting only.  I keep waiting for the big bang - the torrential floods I'm used to, but nothing yet. 

I continue to wear my cup, with a thin backup pad in place.  I expect I am closer to menopause which is just fine with me.  I had a 30 year window on childbearing.  I think that's long enough. 

I awoke, exhausted, a few hours later.  We had to go to work and meet our repairman.  I had various issues with my machines. 

First issue: declare snack #2 dead.  (he did)  Second Issue: fix "bad" coil on Snack #1.  (he did)  Both problems, he said, were directly related to the brownout/power outage last Friday.  Third issue, convert one of my (2) remaining snack machines to sell chewing gum. 

People get very upset if they can't get their chewing gum. 

He did all of that. 

I stocked, helped Ron stock, and we actually had a little downtime before we went home. 

Exhausted, I crawled into bed. 

After a short nap (surprisingly, only an hour and a half), I awoke and went to Walmart with Ron.  I had to get my prescription.  I did that. 

It isn't cheap.  $100 for 3 months. 

But they're using a new manufacturer.  Perhaps I'll have fewer side effects.  The tablets are certainly smaller.  They also had long and exhaustive warnings about suicidal depression. 

I did become suicidal when I was given Prozac.  I didn't respond to 20 mg.   So they upped me to 40.  I became suicidal.  Direct relation. 

Even if I weren't allergic, I wouldn't be a fan of SSRI antidepressants. 

I did a little personal shopping, not much, but got some organizer stuff. 

We had a good ride home. 

Now, bed early, I pray. 

Even better, a good night of uninterrupted sleep. 

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