Saturday, July 25, 2015

Happy customers.

Every summer, I consider getting "black girl" braids. 

Then I look at the expense and forget it. 

I did try to look up something I could do on my own. 

I have never been good at fashion or hairstyling.  I just blowdried my naturally full hair upside down, for the "big hair" look of the 80's and 90's.  I had very short, layered haircuts. 

As my hair grew, I went to a simple ponytail. 

I can't even do a french braid.  I lack the dexterity, especially these days. 

I looked around at hair styles for long, "white", hair.  They all involved complicated twists, buns, and braids. 

One hairstyle involved a french braid down each side of the head, joining at the back.  It got me thinking. 

What if I pulled my hair into two pigtails, secured them, and then joined the pigtails at the back?  I tried it this morning.  It wasn't difficult. 

My hair looked fuller and it was cooler.  I didn't have a long, hot, rope hanging down my back.  My scalp had some ventilation. 

My hair didn't drip with sweat as I unloaded the truck (more on that in a minute).   No one pointed fingers or laughed. 

I may have found my new summer hairstyle. 

So, the day.  I got up, exhausted and depressed.  I had a nasty headache and I pulled a muscle in my back.  I took an Excedrin and a hot shower, hoping to alleviate both. 

I did, somewhat.  I was at least able to buy the merchandise and get it to work. 

We went to the warehouse, I got all my inventory.  As much as I could fit in the pickup, at least.  God help me if I had a larger truck, and stockroom. 

We got to work and I got my carts.  Someone had tampered with Snack 1.  I later discovered a Fruit Roll-Up had hung up, resulting in severe shaking and vending machine abuse.  He's lucky he didn't knock it down on himself!  I fixed all of it. 

We left the candy in the truck cab, and had to call him back.  Ooops.  I made a joke about paying the "ransom" and gave him some money for coming back. 

He's our only guy at present.  We'd better kiss a little...

I stocked.  THAT took a while.  For once, they didn't wipe out my pastries.  I'd bought some Red Velvet cupcakes (I hate Red Velvet but I'm not the customer, they are).  They got some interest as I stocked. 

I like to provide some variety for the customer.  I would hate to be the same old candy bar...

Speaking of, I forgot to buy snickers.  I felt very foolish. 

Every vending machine has a glitch.  Snack 3 won't give a nickel back if it thinks the nickels are low.  Snack 1 used to go out of service every time someone hit it.  Currently the coins will not "tube" properly if I load it from the front. 

Snack 2.  Whenever I exit programming mode, it dispenses a few free items.  [snort]  That's a glitch I can live with.  I can simply restock the items. 

And I moved the Fruit Roll Ups so that won't happen again, either. 

I want happy customers. 

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Anonymous said...

my granddaughter gets her hair washed dried and braided in really cute styles for less than $15 with a tip ..maybe if you feel like a treat one day, just for you … you should go have it done ? hers lasts three days…and I bet someone would love to braid your hair it is beautiful!

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