Saturday, February 20, 2016


I was pretty pissed at Ron.  I didn't appreciate him throwing money at me and telling me to go away (to Walmart).

I woke up with a headache, feeling resentful.  I took a shower and did my God Time, then figured, screw it, I really do need those headache pills (I bought 400 today). 

I called Lou the cab driver.  He regretfully told me he couldn't do it: he had to take an old man to the bank, barber shop, and grocery store, and he wouldn't be done for hours.  I asked him if he could pick me up at Walmart around 11:30 and he said yes. 

Good, I told him.  I can get there, it's getting home I worry about.  One time I waited nearly 3 hours on a cab that never came.  He assured me he'd get me home (and he did). 

I called the cab company and a driver showed up within 10 minutes.  Impressive.  He was a very nice Nigerian man.  I met several, very nice, Nigerian men today. 

I do play favorites.  I love Nigerians.  They are very bright souls, fun, smart, and have a great attitude.  They are hard workers, too.  I respect them tremendously. 

I got to Walmart.  I got the headache pills first thing, happy to see they make a bottle of 200.  [sigh]  I eat a lot of headache pills.  I got some Pepto tablets to take with the headache pill so I don't eat a hole in my stomach. 

Then I put in for my refills.  It's about time.  The clerk reluctantly told me they didn't have enough lithium to fill the prescription and I told him Monday was fine.  He seemed very relieved when I told him I don't let myself run out of medication.  I also put in an order for some salt tablets, which may or may not get processed. 

I crave a lot of salt because I lose a lot of salt.  Doc told me the lithium ion pushes the sodium ion out of the body, and it has to be replaced.  That's why lithium drug inserts have a lot of warnings: don't change your salt intake. 

I would rather take a tablet (I have, and it worked great) than eat salty foods. 

That done, I went off for num-nums (cat food).  I got a good supply and then got some makeup brushes for my mineral makeup.  I have mineral makeup at home.  I don't really wear it, but I certainly can.  However, I needed new brushes for that to happen. 

I looked at clothes, but didn't get anything except a new bra - padded, so a certain popeyes will stop gaping at me. 

By this time, I was having fun, in spite of my headache. 

But wait!  I almost forgot the yarn!  I headed over to the department, touching the yarn, looking at it.  I bought a ball of "Scrubby".  I can make a bag, put my soap scraps in it, and use it for exfoliation. 

That done, I picked up some "Macaw" by Red Heart.  I really like the colorway (scheme).  It is a pretty mix of cobalt blue and turquoise.  As I rounded the corner, I saw an endcap: Lion Brand Yarn, Thick and Quick, Sequoia print.  It was gorgeous.  I immediately wanted to make myself something.  I deliberated for a while (it would cost about $25 for what I wanted, 5 balls), and decided to do it.  But wait, I would need some needles.  It said 9 mm needles but I am "tight" in my handicrafts so I use a larger needle.  I got the 10 mm. 

About this time I realized I was a little manic.  Not too bad, but I might want to put an end to the spending.  OK. 

I thought it was funny, makeup brushes sitting in the cat food, the bra sitting with some Cup Of Noodles for work, balls of yarn mixed up with cans of  "people" tuna for my dinner.  Only at Walmart. 

I paid for everything.  I thought it was interesting, the store manager was directing customers to various checkout lanes.  I didn't have any waiting (at a little before 11 on a Saturday), and had a favorite cashier. 

I have a lot of favorites.  I like the old-timers who have been around for a while.  She even remembered I like to use my own bags. 

After I paid, everything (one entire bag consumed by the yarn binge) rode along in my cart as I went to the McDonald's.  I bought a 10 piece chicken nugget with BBQ sauce. 

I went outside and called Lou, who said "I'm looking at you".  Oh, he was the cab at the far end of the parking lot!   It was 11:08, I'd said 11:30.  I love a punctual man. 

He came right over - fastest cab ride ever, I told him, and took me home.  I ate my nuggets, my purchases on the floor around me, and took my medication.  I took a nap for about an hour. 

When I got up, I did a little handiwork and got ready for work.  We headed off to work.  It needed stocking, but not tremendously so.  I helped Ron even though he was a little weird. 

That's on him.  My job is making God happy. 

Ugh.  My head has been killing me ALL DAY.  We finished up. 

When we came out, our ride was waiting for us.  Unusual.  We had a good ride home. 

Ron wanted me to watch the end of "Jeremy" and tell me if she moved or not.  I told him what happened.  He fell asleep. 

We have tomorrow off but I might go somewhere, depending, on the bus. 

I'll have to see what the headache decides to do, first. 

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Anonymous said...

if you are going on a binge a yarn binge is a good one harmless fun and cheap

you should do a video of your yarn haul? can you do that? you are so creative I can not wait to see what yo uno with your yarn I hope you share it all with us?

can you wear head phones when Ron is in that mode of abusive spewing? would he notice?
the words hurt and cause so much damage to your ego if you could limit the effect of them being launched at you knowing he is in a booze fog and saying what he says because his pain is not being dealt with by him just pounded down with booze and then vomited out in your direction

while god is working on him can you take a break with the audio and just tune him out knowing you do not have to listen is a lot better when you can not hear it at all ?

my husband used to rant before zoloft he does not drink but he had a bad temper and now he does not rant thank goodness but I did wear headphones when he raged because 1 I knew he was not violent and just angry anxious and ugly ....and 2 because the affect on my body from the horric negativity being lambasted on me made me physically and mentally so ill.
he found peace thank goodness and I wish it for you and Ron but until he stops drinking and deal with his own mental health can you put some headphones on and knit grunting now and then so he feel like you are there? ..yes it is a lie but it is survival and self preservation as well

much love and excited about the yarn can not wait to see it

I bought slipper yarn it is terrible feeling stuff

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