Friday, November 28, 2014


Well, I had a nice average mood for a day or so.  That was nice.

I wouldn't wish my illness on anyone, not even the guy who ran over Ron.

I slept reasonably late last night.  #8 had a party, some music, but not super loud.  I could sleep even without the earplugs.

I hope to practice wearing the earplugs, when I don't need them, so they are familiar and comfortable when I do need them.  That's the theory at least.  They are fantastic at noise blocking (about 40 dB).  I took them out last night and heard some bass - I didn't think they would work that well.

I just hope to get used to them.  Right now the earplugs feel "funny" and "invasive".  Isn't it nice to read about me actually addressing the problem, rather than ranting about the neighbors?

I did my God Time and headed off to work.  Or so I hoped.  The guy who picked us up scares me.

He reminded me a lot of this guy , the one who almost broke my legs back in June.  Thank God, He still has His hand on me.

Today's guy just makes me really uncomfortable because I worry about his cognitive.  He is very old.  He has been driving a long time.  So what?

Years ago he was in an accident, and as part of it had various head scans.  "They told me I had a stroke a while back" he informed me.  I wonder if the company knows.  He also has a severe tremor in his hands, which I find concerning.  He repeats himself, asking questions, and kept trying to tell me we have "always" taken a different route to work.

When we got Ron loaded today, he shoved the chair at me and told me to "take it back in the house".  I told him, Ron needs this.  We have to take it.  "No he doesn't." and tried to argue with me.  "He can only walk 3 feet without the chair" I told him "How is he going to work?" 

Then he refused to tie it down until I insisted, and told him a new wheelchair would cost him over $500.  

We take the Beltway to JFK.  Always.  When I told him that he said "Oh, a new shortcut!  You don't go the old way anymore?"  I was really alarmed.  We have always traveled that route.  God only knows what he considered "the old way".

I should have had him take Aldine Bender - my go-to when I am deeply concerned about the driver's ability. 

Like I said, the last time I had a guy like this I considered calling the company.  I didn't and he had a wreck.  Do I call?

I'm going to think about it for a while.  I don't intend to file a formal complaint, but I would like to suggest safety follow him for a few days.

If he's doing OK, no harm.  If he's as bad as he seemed, they will catch him and take him off the road.

But I don't want to get him fired.


So, we got to work, very late (the guy was an hour late picking us up).  I stocked snacks, wiping out the last of my inventory.  Ron worked on drinks.

Due to a few mistakes, some machines were very full and needed minimal stocking.

Once I finished the stocking, I helped Ron.  I mailed the school tax (about $300), and a personal thing.  I helped various customers.

I put out several small Christmas trees on top of the vending machines, and took down my fall stuff.  I didn't have time to do up Ron's wheelchair but I hope to do that tomorrow.

We did inventories.  Mine was easy: I need everything.  Ron needs 10 cases of drinks.  I will be VERY busy tomorrow.

You know how some couples have "Our song"?

Well, our business has a song.

I'm the "brawn" of course.  :P

Of course, we don't care about money.  We live very simply and just want to a roof over our heads and a quiet place to sleep.

If God blesses us, we'll use it wisely and do what we can to bless others.

So.  Tomorrow will be truck day.   That entailed clearing off the two handcarts loaded with soda, from our last shopping trip.  I'll remind you here I have 34 square feet of floor space, in my stockroom.  If it can't fit along the wall or on the 2 racks, it has to go on the handcarts.

I managed to get it all stowed.   "There goes the pumpkin pie!" I cheerfully informed a customer, as I labored.  "I just burned it off!"

He just grinned.  They're used to me.

I also wore my santa hat.  People seemed to like it.

It's hard enough working during the holidays - they have a very high pressure job.  They need some fun.  Really delicious, affordable, treats, and fun.  I aim to provide both.  

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