Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Truly exhausted

So, Ron woke up.  He was very belligerent and I yelled at him.  Then he kept calling me "mean". 

I just want my sleep.  Is that so much to ask? 

I had just had it.  I went and took a shower.  While in the shower, I noticed a very nice clean spot on the shower floor, where Ron had spilled some soap. 

That gave me the idea, after I finished, to sprinkle some of my homemade laundry detergent (I have probably 20 pounds) on the dirty areas.  Hours later, I scrubbed and rinsed - it is significantly better. 

I don't notice things, in the housekeeping, and then when I do it's pretty grim. 

The last attempt at cleaning didn't end well. 

Anyway, I got dressed and thought "I cannot stay in the house.  He won't "let" me sleep, I might as well go."  To hell with 108 heat index, or whatever the hell it was. 

I went to Academy.  I wanted to look at fishing gear.  I got a few things.  I stopped at a gas station on the way and got snacks, and drinks.  I also took a couple salt tablets before. 

Overall, I had fun.  I was glad I left. 

Ron was more civil by the time I got home, but I am truly exhausted. 

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