Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fire Ant Handout

"I've never had a problem" I told the cashier, "Except today." 

"What happened?" 

"Fire ants.  And flip flops."  She flinched. 

Tonight I had just HAD it.  EVERYTHING in the world is getting between me and my Handouts.  Work, home life, even the weather. 

I picked up my Bible bag, loaded it with 30 already done-up (I need to always keep some on hand for times like this) New Testaments (whole Bibles are great, but very heavy, I can carry 7-8 New Testaments for the weight of one Bible, and reach that many more!  New Testaments will always have a place in my ministry). 

I took a small sign (the one Ron's holding, in the photos), my vest, and a bottle of water, and headed out the door.  Ron and I had an animated discussion before I left. 

I thought about what he'd said as I walked to my handout spot.  "I don't care if God's never seen what I do" I thought.  "I don't care if the recipients all forget.  I'd still do this, because I *have* to."   I just can't abide the thought of people suffering without God.  I HAVE to at least attempt an introduction. 

I forgot, I had to walk over a high (to me) bridge, a little one, but still ewwwy.  I have some anxiety issues.  I just told myself to keep moving. 

I decided to take the northbound side of the intersection, at Greens Road and Bammel.  I chose - poorly. 

I was right outside a gas station parking lot, and all the recipients found it really easy to pull into the parking lot and holler (the first one), or wave.  They all did that. 

The grass was short, dry, and dead, on the median.  It was, however, full of fire ants.  I had "wisely" worn a pair of flip flops because it's hot (although the Handout was pretty pleasant, due to some very tall trees).    I did a lot of hopping around, cursing, and apologizing to God. 

The first recipient asked for "Everything I had".  She was a nice looking lady in an SUV that could have paid off my mortgage.  I handed her all the "Invitations" - 6. 

I had a Spanish guy attempt to "get over", but it looked ugly and I didn't want an accident.  I pointed at the parking lot and made gestures to indicate I'd join him.  I did, and gave him two. 

About that time, I saw a professionally dressed white guy - immaculately groomed, modest sedan.  He did a double take at my sign, nodded, and gave me a thumb's up, along with a big grin. 

I also saw two young men in a pickup.  They had piercings and eye makeup.  "They're either recipients" I thought, "Or looking for trouble".  They didn't want a Bible when I paused, so I kept going. 

"God bless you" I heard as I came back.  Huh?  It was one of the young men.  He basically said he likes what I do and God would bless me for it.  I told him I'd pray for him daily, along with my recipients, and he said thank you. 

Funny how the two "unlikely" people were the nicest.  Most everyone ignored me.  The rest glared.  Tough crowd, Bammel and Greens. 

They are actually the toughest I've served.  I guess that's one reason I keep going back.  That, and I'd be a TERRIBLE believer if I didn't serve my physical neighbors, too. 

It was getting dark, my feet devoured and swelling.  I called it a day, put away my gear, and went to the gas station.  The cashier asked if she could help me. 

"I would love to give you each a Bible" I said.  She took a look at one, and called her coworkers over.  I handed out 3! 

NOW I'm done.  And I went home. 

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