Saturday, August 1, 2015

That Bad

I'm glad I took my salt tablets this morning, I needed them.  I ate a protein bar and had a diet Mountain Dew, along with my medication. 

Now's a good time to mention my antidepressant (generic Wellbutrin), has a whole list of side effects, including memory loss. 

We went to the usual warehouse.  They were out of some items we needed, but I still got about 50 cases. 

We went to the other warehouse after finding out they did have what we needed.  I went in and loaded up on about a dozen cases of items, including bottled Coke. 

We left, drove down a freeway, got on the Beltway, and halfway to work, I realized.  Ron wanted canned Coke, not bottles.  

I told him.  He was Not Happy.

I won't detail his behavior because he did apologize, more than once, at various times, later.  "I was a real asshole" he said. 

I won't argue. 

We got to work, I had to unload about 70 cases, most of them drinks, and put them onto carts.  I shoved them into our area, stole a cart from the other vendor (I have permission) and left. 

We went back to the warehouse (props to my driver) and got the soda.  CANS.  10 of them. 

I loaded them (I loaded/unloaded/moved/stored about 90 cases today, about 60 of them bottled soda), and we went back to work. 

I unloaded that and we waved him off.  We're buying him a steak dinner tomorrow, he sure earned it. 

I got everything into our area.  It could have filled my entire garage. 

How was I going to fit it into my stockroom?  

34 square feet - that's what I got.  Two racks, two handcarts, and a row of milk crates.  Yike.


I appraised the machines.  I couldn't do everything.  What was the worst? 

I decided to focus on candy.  They get upset when we're out of candy.  I was completely out of Snickers, but not for long! 

I stocked the candy and helped Ron.  I evaluated my existing inventory.  I was able to combine a couple of boxes, freeing up room for my new snack inventory. 

Good.  I got the snacks put up on the top shelves of the racks.  Work is a full body workout, let me tell you, especially on Truck Day. 

I prayed a little and got to work.  I managed to get 60 cases of soda, plus the snacks, two carts, and my folding handcart, into our area and secure.  You can even open the door all the way (I have "behind the door, against the wall" and then a small area of intersecting wall 8 feet down the other way). 

I made sure Ron didn't need anything before I did this.  The last thing I wanted... especially with him still cranky, although he did apologize, sincerely, by the time we left.  He apologized on his own, later, without any prompting.  I forgave him. 

Damn pills.  My memory was just completely shot.  Ron, and our driver, have decided to "help" more. 

Galling, but I accept.  Yes, my memory is that bad.  

Finally, done.  We came home (a really good pickup and ride home), and I collapsed into bed.

Later on, I ate a bowl of cereal with a protein shake, for my medication.  I was too tired to even order pizza. 

I might get something tomorrow or Monday.  We are eating lunch out, tomorrow. 

I remembered to order my vitamins; I don't want to run out.  Especially my ginger root - it's tremendously helpful at Pill Time.  I take it with my doses (2 x a day) and it really helps reduce the nausea. 

I don't get queasy these days unless I make a really bad food choice at pill time.  Dairy and junk food are good, salads are bad. 

I think I'm going to go look at energy bars now. 

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