Wednesday, August 5, 2015


It's a bad morning, at 2:46 AM, groping for a Diet Mountain Dew, and my headache pills.  Sometimes I can avert vicious headaches with a VERY COLD caffeinated soda and OTC headache tablets. 

Ron and I had a big debate over "tablet".  He thinks a tablet is a pad of paper, with a spiral on it.  I call that a "notebook".  After moving to Houston, though, I realized "everyone" calls notebooks, "tablets". 

Confusing, especially when someone asks for a tablet.  Do they mean paper?  Or headache pills? 

I had a ghastly migraine most of the day. 

Had to work anyway.  The food machine is acting up. 

We had to stock, too. 

I had a coin jam in the bottled vendor and I'm pretty sure I didn't fix it today. 

I did what I could, though.  I told Ron heavy lifting was out of the question. 

We had good rides, no perfume or strong odors.  I couldn't have managed. 

I came home and crawled into bed for hours.  It was pretty quiet, except for the garbage collectors. 

I woke up around 2 feeling pretty human (most migraines last about 12 hours).  I took steps to arrange to have Ron's "Don't Take the Mark" tract printed up in actual tract format.  I also ordered him some "Where Are You Going to Spend Eternity" tracts. 

I found out the cat toys should arrive today; they'll like that.  Biscuit, in particular. 

It's easy to say you don't have a favorite, but I do.  Generally my favorite is whoever I'm interacting with at the time.  Last night, after I came home, filthy with dust and sweat from the Bible Handout, Gravy tenderly groomed my right hand and forearm.  I'm sure I tasted awful, but he was happy to do it. 

Biscuit's my favorite when he sleeps with me.  So's Torbie - if they both join me then they're both my favorite. 

Baby Girl's my favorite when she interacts with me, which isn't a whole lot.  But I still love her.

Ron's asleep, I won't wake him.  I will be checking the mail pretty soon.  In addition to cat toys, I also have some inbound vitamins that shouldn't loaf in the mailbox. 

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