Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bus system rollout day

I woke up with a ghastly headache.  Migraine. 

I limped through my God Time and opted out of a shower.  I was worried the heat would make the headache mad. 

No Wellbutrin.  That, plus a migraine, equals vomiting. 

So, I'm puking migraine depressed, instead of just the last two. 

It was New Bus System Rollout Day.  I really wanted to go exploring.  Ron had teased me about it. 

"How would you feel if you got your sight back, a license, and a set of car keys?"  He laughed. 

I watched a little TV and went back to bed.  I had a dream.  I was whining about my problems, and Sig from Deadliest Catch was giving me a very encouraging pep talk. 

I woke up about the time Ron did.  I talked to him for a while and decided to go ride the bus. 

Did I mention all rides are free, for the week?   I felt VERY odd leaving my bus pass at home. 

I had planned to go to a rather iffy area, so I left pretty much everything except my self defense items, cash, and my house keys (on a self defense key ring). 

Note a theme. 

I headed out and waited for the bus.  Ron and I talked on the phone, off and on.  The bus came, I boarded.  The driver was unfamiliar with the new route and kept consulting a piece of paper. 

I saw my buddy - he lives somewhere nearby, and also rides the bus.  He is black.  We are "Wave hi and smile" friendly.  We chatted, both excited our worlds are opening up. 

I disembarked at the Vietnamese grocery store.  It is near a VERY rough apartment complex that was only built several years ago.  It's attracted a bad crowd. 

Why so harsh?  That's where the would-be gangbanger pointed a gun at me.  One review calls it an "Upscale ghetto".  It makes me more nervous than Acres Homes. 

I did attempt to scout a good Handout location, but failed.  :( 

I went in and had fun shopping, I got some tea, utensils, and porridge-type things.  Asian grocers always have the best tea.  This one also has fantastic locally grown vegetables.  I've seen the farmers unloading their vehicles outside the grocery store in the morning. 

It was about what you'd expect, at a grocery store on a Sunday afternoon.  One older black lady wandered the produce section, looking completely baffled by the exotic vegetables.  I felt bad for her. 

I am very partial to Amaranth greens.  Yum.  But I didn't bring my insulated bag so they had to stay in the crisper. 

I paid and left, fairly hungry.  I ate greasy takeout at a Chinese place in the parking lot.   Pretty good.  I need to remember to bring a snack before I go grocery shopping. 

I had a little wait on the bus, but not bad.  It's running every half hour, minimum, every day of the week, 4 AM to 1 AM.  Pretty [censored] good!  If you ask me. 

I came home and offered Ron some lo mein.  He said no.  I ate some Salvadoran cake I bought yesterday.  Not bad, a little sour but interesting - wouldn't buy again.  I had a couple glasses of milk with that and took my meds. 

Trust me, far better to overeat when taking the meds. 

We have to get up early tomorrow, Dr Pepper delivery day.  But we'll be done before most people go to lunch! 

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Anonymous said...

I always buy all my produce at Asian mkts and love the selection of teas seafood and fresh meat.

we are lucky to live in a country where you can wake up eat in one country for breakfast another for lunch and another for dinner LOL

once my husband asked for "American food" I said "what" he said "pizza"!

I live in a deeply diverse area and am mixed myself I get it :)

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