Saturday, August 8, 2015

I trust my cats' judgement

I didn't sleep well, and then I overslept.  Ugh. 

I barely had time for a quick swipe with the washcloth, before we left.  I did have time to apply the deodorant, wear my microfiber moisture wicking t-shirt and sport bra, and take a couple salt tablets, before I rushed out the door. 

Truck Day.  I needed a lot of merchandise.  Per the receipt, I bought 50 cases, just of snack items.  Over 70 cases total. 

I took the ice chest and some cold packs.  We only have a 10 mile ride to work but our heat indices have been horrific. 

Happily, I didn't feel overheated at any point today. 

A brief rundown of the last couple days: 

Wednesday I had a horrific migraine and barely did my stocking. 

Thursday Ron gave me the day off (he'd had a bad night with neuropathy).  During my nap later that day, the oldest kid in #6 decided to kick his ball directly into my bedroom wall.  His "games" destroyed the fence to the point that his dad had to rebuild it 3 times, and the games stopped.  I am pretty sure he was not allowed to do that, assuming they would even want him kicking his ball into the wall of a disabled couple's bedroom while they were trying to rest. 

I decided not to squawk about it, because he only did it once, and if he knows it upsets me he may do it on purpose.  

I was upset about that for a few days, medication issues didn't help one bit.  I kept obsessing about every "insult" they ever committed in the last 11 years, pretty exhausting. 

I've also had some issues with #10.  The owner is not a professional landlord, his tenants have been very hit-and-miss.  Some had loud, vicious, screaming arguments on cell phones while standing in the backyard.  I could hear every word halfway down the block. 

The last tenants were fine.  They just had a tendency to hang out on the porch, talking loudly (I think the man had some hearing loss), late at night. 

About the first of the month, I noticed some preteen girls, aimlessly riding bikes up and down the block.  I don't know what they did, but the cats don't like them. 

The cats are pretty neutral to anyone, they don't approach, or run, but if you try to scare/hurt them they will avoid you.  The cats avoid them. 

I trust my cats' judgement.  If the cat doesn't like you, I don't either. 

They got bored of that after about a week, and stay in the house now.  It's a big house, over 2000 square feet. 

Then I saw a little boy doing the same thing.  If he is 8 I'd be shocked.  He's riding around in traffic, staring at all the neighbors in a very creepy fashion, totally unsupervised. 

A day or two ago, he tried to run over Biscuit, with his bike, at least 3 times that I witnessed.  Now I really don't like them.  Biscuit was just sitting on the sidewalk watching the birds.  Needless to say the little boy is on my "naughty" list now. 

We went out to dinner tonight; more on that later.  When we left, the boy rode his bike in front of the paratransit vehicle, almost getting hit.  Did I mention he doesn't wear a helmet? 

When we came home, he was sitting on his bike in our front yard, pestering #2, who was loading equipment into his trailer so he could go work tonight (he's a yard guy, among other things).  I found that deeply disturbing.

Not necessarily that he was on the sidewalk, in our yard.  That's public property.

But he, and his parents, know nothing about #2.  The guy could be a psycho.  The guy could be a child molester, and here's this little boy delivering himself, with no supervision at all.

"You know" I told Ron "I wish I could call the police, tell them this little boy is unsupervised, wandering the neighborhood, and approaching complete strangers.  Maybe have them do a safety talk with the boy and his parents."  However, the last time I tried something like that, the neighbor tracked it back to me and murdered my cat, Baby Girl The First. 

I'm not signing up for that - so that's been my neighbor kids aggravation of late.  Since the family does seem pretty ignorant and neglectful, I am assuming they will get sloppy paying the rent and get evicted.  The drama queens got thrown out after less than 6 months. 

[sigh]  All this on top of horrific anxiety and poor mood control.  Mixed, at that.  Ugh! 

So, yesterday we went to work.  I had worried a lot.  We had ordered 8 cases of water.  However, due to the migraine, I hadn't been able to clear any room for it.  I was pretty anxious about where they had put it, if they put it anywhere, and when I got there they had managed to find the perfect spot. 

"If I weren't married" I told them "I'd kiss you!"  They grinned. 

I stocked and ascertained I needed ALL snacks.  They really like what I'm selling.  Even though we had a lot of drinks, we still had to get snacks. 

Like I tell Ron "They never call in a complaint when you run out of Coke, but they sure do over the snack machines".  I hate complaints. 

So.  I stocked and made my list.  About the only thing that isn't selling: Peanut Butter Snickers.  I like them, but apparently I'm the only one. 

We finished up, came home, and I got a nap, but I had trouble sleeping later. 

Today was a lot busier, I got all my snacks, had my favorite cart attendant, and got everything loaded.  I felt fine. 

I've had Truck Days where I wanted to die, this was fine, considering I was doing manual labor in feels like 105.  I attribute my perkiness to the salt tablets. 

Now, salt tablets are a good idea for ME, because I take lithium, which makes the body lose salt.  You will of course be intelligent and talk to your doctor.  I did, mine said it was fine for me. 

We got to work and I got the carts.  I did something different with the hand carts, which worked, but the cart shifted while riding on top of another cart (I told myself I looked like a don't-do-this safety video), and fell on my arm, bruising me. 

Ugh.  Not awful, though.  Just looks like Ron grabbed my arm. 

Poor Ron. 

Got the truck unloaded, including my ice chest full of candy.  I dragged 3 carts, the ice chest, and Ron with the walker, into the building, in a series of trips. 

I set Ron up near the freezer with a case of Diet Coke.  He wanted to quick chill it in the freezer. 

I hauled all my crap into my area and began stocking.  I didn't get the pastries, but everything else looks great.  I had a challenging time cramming all those cases into my 34 square foot stockroom, but God helped me make it happen. 

We left, I ate, took my meds, got a nap. 

When I got up I did my God Time, and we went out to dinner.  I had pancakes.  I had been dreaming of pancakes, all day. 

I even got a to-go order for tomorrow.  I told Ron he was The Best Husband Ever In the World for that. 

He grinned. 

We came home with a nice driver from Guyana, wearing incredible dredlocks.  I was very impressed. 

"His hair is longer than mine" I told Ron. 

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