Monday, August 3, 2015

Dead, but no regrets

My husband tried to get in touch with our primary driver, for a couple of days, last week.  He couldn't, and we had to go with our second stringer. 

Today I was told the primary driver died, in a one-car accident, about a day before he was due to help us.  Gulp. 

I am so glad I gave him a Bible.  I am so glad both of us shared our testimony.  I am profoundly glad I make a habit of praying for my drivers, daily. 

This is the 4th driver I've lost.  3 of them worked for paratransit.  2 had cancer, one died of a massive heart attack, and our latest died in the car wreck. 

I can't help but be glad I wasn't in the front seat, and mangled.  I would have been fine dying if God was ready for me, but I do dread the idea of further disability. 

Anyway, please pray for his family if you are led.  I am unclear if he was saved or not (he was evasive, which generally means no).  The other drivers I knew were saved. 

God may have already led us to a new driver. 

What a life I live. 

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